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I Gave Up Drinking This Month


January 6, 2022

First things first, my name is Sara and I've worked for VYBES for the past several years in multiple capacities, but always under the umbrella of marketing. Currently my title is Brand Curator, and that basically means I've worked on Brand Partnerships, Collaborations, and essentially getting VYBES into the hands of interesting people at interesting places.

I’m keeping this journal about my Dry January, and I’m keeping it brutally honest. I’ve never been one for New Year’s Resolutions, but I always like a reason to live more intentionally and I’m excited to keep track of how this booze-less month feels in real time.

Sara Nagel
I’m the type of drinker that follows up a night out with a “hair of the dog” the next morning. I’m also the type of drinker that assumes everyone knows what “hair of the dog” is, but for those that don’t: it’s your alcoholic beverage of choice the day after a night out; it’s essentially the cure for a hangover: another drink. What is it going to be like to start 2022 without some hair of the dog after a late night of fireworks and friends?

I give up drinking a month at a time here and there, and since Dry January is a part of the cultural lexicon, right now seems as good a time as any to take a month off. And despite having given up booze in the past, this is my first Dry January which means I’ve got a support group and a bunch of memes to highlight what will apparently be a hellacious month. For me, drinking is a something I do when I’m bored, or maybe even something I do when I’m bored by the people I’m surrounded by (I’ve been on one too many app dates where honestly, I’m probably looking forward to the glass of wine more than the person; yikes). I’m typically a friendly drinker and end up making new friends in bathrooms, elevators and house parties. Alcohol is a fun little crutch I have that makes me feel more social, confident and funny (at least that’s what Alcohol tells me).

January 1st, 2022: I hang out with a group of neighbors and friends and watch football and drink a Pineapple Ginger VYBES mood enhancer while they sip on tequila and Bloody Mary’s. Honestly this is a great substitute for a mimosa, which is my go-to hair of the dog drink. Perhaps the worst part about Dry January is having to acknowledge that you’re doing Dry January and then have the ensuing repetitive conversations and shock that “you’re not even going to drink on {insert inevitable birthday, holiday, event here}??” I’ve got to just start bringing enough non-alcoholic beverages with me to social situations; I always show up to dinners and parties with a bottle of wine—I guess it’s time to break out the six pack of VYBES instead.
Pineapple Ginger Adaptogenic Mood Enhancer
This week I've been drinking VYBES Pineapple Ginger adaptogenic mood enhancer. 
Not drinking booze for a month may not be a big deal for many folks but I have a couple of tools in my arsenal to help, if anyone is interested in any themselves:

Habit Tracker: I like writing things down (clearly) and having a physical representation of what my daily goals and tasks are. Chore charts were my jam when I was a kid, but this is a more adult version of habits instead of chores and was recommended by Jen Atkin, a successful sober woman I look up to.

VYBES: Clearly I work for VYBES, but I’d still want these as my go-to NA beverage even if I didn’t (and I’ve tried a lot of others, trust me. Plus, ever wonder why I started working for them anyway?) Mood enhancing adaptogen line when I wanted some bubbles and our original CBD line when I’m feeling anxious.

Quit Like a Woman: This book really lifts the veil on the alcohol industry and makes you think about your own agency as a woman and the things that are marketed to you. Another recommendation from the lovely Jen Atkin. I have other friends that recommend Alcohol Lied to Me which isn’t gender specific. If you don’t want to read a book specifically about alcohol, I’d love to get recommendations on books you find edifying while I just recommend that you read *something* at least 10 minutes a day.

Send me book recommendations, tools you use during Dry January (or anytime, really!), or just shoot me a line if you need someone to talk to. Cheers to a New Year and kicking ass.

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