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Shawn Holiday, Head of Urban Music at Columbia Records talks to us about how he finds balance in his own life

If you know anything about the music industry, you probably know or have heard of Shawn Holiday, Head of Urban at Columbia Records. How does a guy who leads one of the biggest, and most culturally influential music divisions in the world, partnering with some of the most demanding artists find time to balance it all?

We recently found out that Shawn drinks our Honeycrisp Apple Basil VYBES everyday, which obviously caught our attention. So we reached out to him to find out how one of the biggest producers in Hollywood manages stress and finds balance in his own life.

Shawn Holiday at his home in West LA.

[VYBES] What does a typical day in the life of Shawn Holiday look like? Do you have any rituals or routines to help manage stress?

[SHAWN] Yes, I like to work out in the morning then go into the steam room and meditate for 15 minutes before I start my day.

[VYBES] While some people may assume your job is all glitz and glamour, we are sure there are some decidedly unglamorous moments as well. Do you have any examples of both peaks and valleys in your career?

[SHAWN] Peaks - when I work with artists and hear their songs on the radio. It feels great fulfilling their dreams and to know you were a part of their success. If they are happy and successful I know I did my job.

Valleys - there really aren’t lows. I truly enjoy what I do and don’t consider there to be many lows.

[VYBES] How important do you think having a strong well-being is to being successful in the industry?

[SHAWN] Super important. If you don’t have a sound mind it’s hard to work in a creative space.

[VYBES] We noticed your favorite flavor of VYBES is Honeycrisp Apple Basil (we love it too). We'd love to know what drew you to that flavor!

[SHAWN] I love the flavor of honey crisp apples!

[VYBES] If you could create a custom VYBES flavor, what would it be?

[SHAWN] It would be a lemonade mint flavor

[VYBES] What advice would you give to someone with dreams of making it as an artist?

[SHAWN] Never take no for an answer, it’s a lot of work. Don’t take this life for the glitz, it’s a lot of dedication. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

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