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Our shipping boxes are 100% zero waste

Shipping glass bottles filled with VYBES across the United States in the mail can be a challenging problem, especially when you consider the bumpy journey these glass bottles encounter along the way.

Earlier this year we sat down with our box supplier, Pacific Southwest Container, and challenged them to design us a box to ship VYBES that didn't require our cases to be packed with peanuts & plastic wrapping materials, reduced the overall weight of the box and made from 100% recyclable materials (zero waste).

We're proud to announce today our new #EarthFriendly shipping boxes made from 100% recyclable paper materials that are lighter, earth-friendly and 100% zero waste.

Even our shipping tape has been upgraded to a water-activated paper tape.

Every online order of VYBES is now packed and shipped in one of our new boxes, proving that its still possible to look good, feel good & do good at the same time.

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