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Jonathan Eppers from VYBES next to HEMP CBD plants.

For too long, we’ve ignored the mental toll of what living in this fast-paced world full of noise, distraction & uncertainty is doing to our well-being. There are more demands on us today than at any time in modern history, and it’s wreaking havoc on our mind & body.

Medicinal properties of plants have existed since long before we came along. Our ancestors knew this, and treated nature and the natural world with great respect, empathy & dignity, understanding that everything we needed, Mother Nature had provided in abundance. Yet for many millennia, the price of human advancement meant turning away from nature, as a new type of world began to unfold, one which separated us further and further from the nature world.

Only recently, as humans are pushed to their physical and mental limits, have we begun to question our modern lifestyles, including the foods we eat. We believe cannabinoids and adaptogens, natural plant derivatives, hold significant powers and our beverages are crafted with their potential in mind.


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