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We lab test our beverages for purity & potency

We're very committed to making the highest quality & best tasting CBD beverages and we think it's incredibly important to be transparent with how we make our beverages, particularly because we're talking about CBD.

We’re proud to be the first CBD beverage to lab test and share our lab reports for every batch of VYBES that’s made. We believe it’s the right thing to do so you always know what you’re putting in to your body when you consume VYBES.


Beginning in October, we're voluntarily adding a "Lab Tested" seal to all of our beverage labels:

LAB Tested: Certifies that VYBES independently lab tests our beverages after every production at a licensed independent lab, and provides these reports on our website to be viewed and downloaded at any time:

Each lab report will include the following lab test results:

+ Potency

+ Heavy Metals Analysis

+ Mycotoxin Testing

+ Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds

While we've always posted our labs online for anyone to view and download, you can always find them here. After all, if you don’t know whats in your beverage, you really don’t know what you’re putting in your body.

Next time you see a VYBES, look for the Lab Tested seal and know you're consuming a CBD product that's been verified by an independent lab.

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